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Administration Division takes care of the rules and regulations being carried out accordingly and looks in to the welfare of the staff. This unit conducts Board Meeting and takes necessary steps to implement the decision taken by the Board.

Sectoral Development

1. 5S plan:

to regularize the filling system to maintain the functional activities smoothly. 5S system was initiated and training was given to the staffs.

2. Training on Procurement procedures:

to provide basic knowledge on procurement procedures to all the staffs.

3. Foundation stone was laid for New Palmyrah Training Institute (PTI) building for PDB at Kaithady premises:

which will function as an Institute to provide one year Diploma Level course on Palmyrah production and Palmyrah based researches.

4. Conference Hall for PDB was opened at Kaithady premises:

with the purpose of arranging training programs and to have lectures for students.

5. Field visit and Capacity building programs:

first time of PDB, all the staffs of Palmyrah Development Board gathered in Batticaloa and Trincomalee for the capacity building training program.

6. Establishment of Planning and Implementation Unit:

Planning & Implementation unit was newly formed and the procurement activities, planning for capital fund and livelihood fund were assigned under this section.

7. Sinhala Language Training Program:

this training was arranged by the administrative division to the staffs of PDB in order to expend the communication skill and there were 15 members of staff were benefited through this program.

8. Basic computer Training program:

Computer class was arranged to the staffs of PDB to uplift the technology knowledge.

9. Web Development project:

started to develop and launched a new official website for Palmyrah Development Board with Sparkgrid (Pvt) Ltd.



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All the accounts of the Palmyrah Development Board is being maintained by the Accounts Unit.They are called upon to make payment for all accounts up to date. Preparation of monthly, quarterly and final accounts are carried out by this unit.

Sectoral Development

1. Finance unit was strengthened.

2. Training on accounting procedures was given to the staffs.

3. Mechanism was ensured to maintain the financial control.

4. Accounts deficiencies were rectified and as the result, Auditor General Department gave a true and fair report.


Finance Division

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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit unit does the audit of the entire accounts as well as the sales outlets and the
stores in time to time and presents a report to the Chairman

Sectoral Development

1. Internal Audit was initiated after 5 years at the Palmyrah Research Institute since the establishment in 2012.

2. Audit queries for the year 2017 were completely answered and actions had been taken to rectify the shortcomings.

3. The sound internal control system of the management has been strengthened



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