The vision and mission of the Palmyrah Research Institute. – Palmyrah Development Board – Sri Lanka

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The vision and mission of the Palmyrah Research Institute.

Since Palmyrah Research Institute developed through small measures of research, it has created its own vision and mission, reaching a maximum level in Palmyrah research so that the field can contribute towards the national economic development of Sri Lanka.


Enhancing the practice of research for the innovative technology transfer to develop, promote, popularize and regulate sustainability of Palmyrah industry to be a significant contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Sri Lanka.


Achieve excellence in the Palmyrah research for enhancing sector contribution to national economic development of Sri Lanka.


On the basis of mission and vision identified at the Palmyrah Research Institute, the functioning is with the following objectives.

Maintenance and improvement of the quality and standards of Palmyrah based products through Palmyrah products producers.

Enhancing the promotion and direction of the Palmyrah research institute activities.

The conducting and furthering of scientific research in connection with the processing and utilization of palmyrah products.

The Introduction of new techniques in the processing of Palmyrah products.

Strengthening the Palmyrah Research institute by collaborating with the research institutes of Sri Lanka and international research institute and the universities of Sri Lanka like Wayamba University, Uvawellassa university, Sabaragamuwa University, Peradeniya University and Jaffna University.

Providing data or facts based on researches to Palmyrah stakeholders in order to increase the utility of Palmyrah palm.

Handling research to increase the resources relating to the growth and cultivation of crops and predicting the results.

Enhancing research activities by the consultation of experts in various scientific field.

Activities of Palmyrah Research Institute and Laboratories

Palmyrah Research Institute which functions on the basis of above mentioned objectives of farsightedness and statements of duties, collaborate with some universities and some other research institutes to undertake research and also engage in activities to promote the standard of Palmyrah products and the efficiency of productivity, analyze the nutritional value of Palmyrah products and provide technological counseling for this, there are four important divisions of laboratories.