Research Advisory Committee (RAC) – Palmyrah Development Board – Sri Lanka

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1. Role

The Palmyrah Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is responsible for providing leadership in relation to strategic decision making and management of research and research training.

2. Functions

The Palmyrah Research Advisory Committee (RAC) shall:

► Have overall responsibility for the direction of research at the PRI, and its alignment with the strategic plan and the research plan year 2018 – 2023.

► Provide guidance, advice and direction to Palmyrah based research team leaders (from Universities and Research Institutes), in the promotion of high quality Palmyrah based research activities.

► Co-ordinate with Research division and Board of Directors.

► Approval and correction of research agenda and implementation plan, foster a research culture including the development of a research strategy to increase the organization’s Research and Evaluation skills and importantly to review and monitor internal and external research proposals and applications.

3. The Purpose of Palmyrah Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

► Oversee and lead the implementation of the PRI Research and Evaluation Framework.

► Provide leadership and advice regarding the PRI strategic research priorities and directions, including alignment of research to PRI strategic priorities.

► Facilitate partnerships and collaborative activity with internal/external stakeholders, including Universities, Research Institutes, other government institutes and donor institutes.

► Strengthen investment opportunities in collaborative projects.

► Monitor and review research activity against the PRI research agenda and strategy, PRI strategic plan, and regular review of the research guidelines and process.

► Provide advice and support for research communication and dissemination and facilitate the promotion of research across with the PRI with external bodies.

► Facilitate PRI research and evaluation capacity building including development of guidelines, process and resources to assist and inform researchers and evaluators undertaking research or evaluation in PRI.

4. Authority

The Board of Directors of Palmyrah Development Board authorizes the Committee to perform those responsibilities as outline in the Term of Reference.

5. Appointments

Palmyrah Research Advisory Committee (RAC) members will be appointed by the Chairman and Board of Directors of Palmyrah Development Board, Projects and Partnerships. Members are appointed as individuals for their expertise and representative capacity.

6. Membership

Membership of the Palmyrah Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will include from across PDB and at least 03 members external to the Government organizations with the relevant experience in either in research, evaluation, community development and donor institutions.

Chair Person
Committee Member
Committee Member
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Committee Member
Mr. S. Srivijendren
Dr. (Ms). B. Anuluxshy