Research Divisions – Palmyrah Development Board – Sri Lanka

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Food and Technology laboratory

This laboratory carries the following activities to achieve the aim of utilizing the highly nutritious Palmyrah resources to manufacture delicious food items craved by the people in this highly modernized world.

►Inventing new types of food items and familiarizes them in the market.

►To change the structure and standard of the food items already presenting in the market to suit the norm set by the Sri Lankan Standard ordinance act.

►Assisting by rendering explanatory instructions and lectures regarding academic activities of universities and also technical colleges.

►Rendering explicit lectures regarding the laboratory equipment which is used to analyze the nutrient composition of the Palmyrah related components and also favouring the practicability of the equipment.

►Carrying out lectures relating to the chemical nature of the Palmyrah related products.

►Encouraging and guiding to obtain the standard certificate issued by the Sri Lankan Standard ordinance act, by introducing in the field of industry, exceptionally good manufacturing processes and health related procedures in the production of food items.

Bio chemistry laboratory

Even though the Palmyrah favoured products have been trusted to be beneficial medicinal wise, it appears that there are no scientific evidences to prove the benefits. Bio chemistry laboratory functions with the objective of confirming the belief and also to find out the enhancement through the microbiological effects on the Palmyrah favoured food products.

The following can be mentioned as the important functions of the laboratory

►Undertaking experiments relating to biochemistry on the products of Palmyrah foods and provide a report based on the tests and also render counseling.

►Determine the shelf life of Palmyrah favoured products and other new products by research on the growth rate of microorganisms.

►Utilizing microorganisms which are beneficial to raise the standard of the Palmyrah related products and to convert the worthless resources to worthier ones.

►Those who are engaged in the laboratory work through the experiences gained, rendering assistance to academic activities of the universities and technical colleges.

Hi – Tech laboratory

The Hi – tech laboratory functions with High technology laboratory equipment or instruments (Hi performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography instruments) which are one of highly expensive instruments in Sri Lanka.

The following can be mentioned as the useful features of the laboratories and also the equipment.

►Identifying and determining the quantity of nutritional components which are traceable amounts in the foods, for example detailed names and quantities of vitamins, sugar and also amino acids. This method will pave way to make a list of the detailed nutritional data.

This work is accomplished with the usage of High performance liquid chromatography equipment.

►A detailed study of the components in alcohol and fatty acids is also carried out in this laboratory as a work. The equipment gas chromatography is used for this study.