Overview – Palmyrah Development Board – Sri Lanka

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About The Palmyrah Development Board (PDB)

The Palmyrah Development Board (PDB) which originally came under the Ministry of Plantations was constituted by Gazette notification of 18 August 1978 published in terms of Amendment no 24 of 1975; to the Sri Lanka Coconut Development Act no 46 of 1971 to carry out all functions in relation to Palmyrah plantations. Subsequently, PDB came under the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development by Gazette notification in 2010. Since 8th January 2015 Palmyrah Development Board assigned under the Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs.

The main activities of the PDB are restoration of Palmyrah plantations, renovation and enhancement of existing model farms, conduct handicraft training programmes, production of various Palmyrah items, promotion of Palmyrah industrial products, conducting research relating to food products and other product development, and operating sales outlets called “Katpaham”.


“Develop the Palmyrah sector as a dynamic sector for livelihood development."


“Develop Palmyrah Plantation promote, popularize and regulate sustainable Palmyrah industry to be a significant contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Country."

Former Chairman’s of the Board

First Chairman

Late Mr.K.C.Nithyanantha


Palmyrah Utilities at a Glance

Our Goals & Objectives

To provide a sound organizational base for Palmyrah based Development and Community upliftment

To provide a sound scientific basis for sustainable development of the Palmyrah based Industry in Sri Lanka at Micro enterprises, Intermediate industry & Hi-tech industry levels.

To develop appropriate crop conservation, processing and product development technologies for Palmyrah resources through basic strategic and applied research leading to Hi-tech development

To develop improved Palmyrah based Crop & Livestock production systems to usher an integrated development effort.

To effectively transfer technologies developed by the Palmyrah Development Board appropriate to dependents and industrialists

To serve as a national repository for the genetic resources of Palmyrah and produce improved planting materials.

To collate and disseminate technical information on Palmyrah along with popularized versions with practical applications.

To optimize Palmyrah based institutional development and support so that different options on managing production systems can be made available.

Mandated Functions

Protection, Restoration & Development of Palmyrah plantations and Renovation, enhancement of model farms

Conducting handicraft and Sap training programmers

Facilitation and promotion of Production of Palmyrah value added products

Promote and Popularize of Palmyrah products Operating through sales outlets called “KATPAHAM”

Conducting research relating to the Palmyrah sector and Palmyrah products development

The promotion and regulation of, assistance to and engagement in animal husbandry on land in Palmyrah plantation

The specification, popularization, promotion and direction of proper cultivation practice in respect of the growing of Palmyrah and other crops in Palmyrah plantation

The identification of land in Palmyrah plantations suitable for inter-planting with other crops and the promotion, direction, carrying out and assistance in the carrying out of inter-planting programs on such land

The cultivation and assistance in and promotion and regulation of the cultivation of land with Palmyrah

The development and assistance in the development of the productivity of land in Palmyrah plantations

The training of advisory and extension workers to assist the Palmyrah industry

The guiding and advising of the Palmyrah industry on all matters of a technical nature

The establishment and maintenance of pilot plants for the processing of Palmyrah products, and the fabrication of experimental processing equipment

The conducting and furthering of scientific research in respect of the growth and cultivation of Palmyrah palms, the growing of other crops and the engagement in animal husbandry in Palmyrah plantations and the prevention and cure of diseases and pests

The establishment and maintenance of research institutes, experimental stations and nurseries

The conducting and furthering of scientific research in connection with the processing and utilization of Palmyrah products

The establishment furthering of scientific research in connection with the processing and utilization of Palmyrah products

Thrust areas

Palmyrah Resources Developmet

Technology Transfer program (Handicrafts / Sap / Pulp/ Naar/ Timber/TOT)

Enhancement of Palmyrah Based Production

Improvement of Marketing Network through Katpaham Sales Outlets

Research and Development

Institutional Strengthening