Dissemination through technology transfer – Palmyrah Development Board – Sri Lanka

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Since, the inception of the Palmyrah Research Institute to date, it has been developed to the level of undertaking various activities.

1. Research and exchange of technique

Upgrading the quality of Palmyrah products, disseminating the significance of medicinal and nutrient values of the products, producing new Palmyrah products based on the demand of modern and healthy food supply are some of the activities which are undertaken by this institute.

Further it has been involved in collaborating with palm development societies which produce Palmyrah related food items. As a part of this activity, this institute provides consultations and training to implement the best manufacturing activities, sanitary activities and quality control activities in production centers. In addition to that PRI carries out certain plans to make accessible the research findings to the public.

2. Laboratory Services

The chemical and microbiological analysis with regard to Palmyrah products is undertaken and reports are submitted. More than hundred analysis reports have been already submitted.

3.Research and Field activities of Universities

The lectures and the practical sessions for the palm and latex technology and value addition degree third year students of Uva Wellassa University are provided by this institute. Apart from this, the opportunities are provided for various university students to complete their industrial training. Also, Laboratory facilities for individual scientific research are provided to final year students of Sri Lankan universities.

4.Publication of research findings, dissemination and exchange of techniques

The research findings are made accessible to proper utilizer through workshops and seminars. The institute also undertakes activities to disseminate the medicinal, chemical and other useful characteristics of Palmyrah to other researchers as well as the people in the science field through research journals and research conferences.  And most of the findings of the research carried out through laboratory activities are with satisfactory conclusions.